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MFTransparency Endorser Statement

  • Please indicate whether you are signing as an individual, on behalf of your institution, or both.
    • If you sign only as an institution endorsement your personal name will not appear on the website.
    • If you sign only as an individual your organizational affiliation will not appear on the website.
    • If you sign as both, your name will appear in your individual endorsement and your organizational affiliation will appear in a separate institutional endorsement.
    NOTE: MFTransparency only accepts institutional endorsements from individuals with the authority to endorse on behalf of their institution (CEOs, Executive Directors, Program Managers, etc.).
  • I endorse the dual mission of MFTransparency to:

    •   Facilitate the collection and dissemination of transparent microcredit product pricing information.
    •   Educate stakeholders and enhance their understanding of microcredit product pricing.