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Welcome to our website

Published on April 20, 2012

Welcome to MFTransparency’s website!  Our website contains useful information, data, commentary and resources, acting as a one stop shop for microfinance industry stakeholders to learn, apply and further pricing transparency and responsible microfinance. The website includes:


Resource Center

This library assembles all of our available resources by topic, keyword, language, or technical level. Here you will find the industry’s most comprehensive database on pricing transparency. We’ll be frequently adding new resources, so please check back regularly.

News Features

This fully filterable section of the website allows you to read the latest news and commentary about microfinance pricing transparency, as well as search for historical news pieces, blogs and announcements from MFTransparency.

Transparent Pricing Data Platform

MFTransparency’s website is microfinance industry’s platform for the disclosure of product pricing. The Pricing Data section links to our interactive Transparent Pricing Data Platform. You can access the interactive graphs and tables in the database here.

How to distinguish between Resources and News?

Resources -> Educational

News -> Informational

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