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Launch of the Transparent Pricing Initiative in India

Published on April 12, 2010

MFTransparency launched the Transparent Pricing Initiative in India with 5 seminars across the country in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai during April 12-19, 2010.  After this launch, 90 MFIs in India submitted pricing data on loans going to over 25 million clients.

Through the launch workshops, MFTransparency shared the new industry standard for calculating interest rates for microcredit products and explained how institutions can actively participate in becoming a member of the MFTransparency project. The workshop gave an opportunity to share experiences with peer institutions as well as learn from the experiences of institutions from around the world.

At these launch workshops MFTransparency presented on several topics, including the need for pricing transparency in microfinance, and the implementation of pricing transparency in the Indian microfinance market.

Event Presentation – download in English, Session 1, Session 2 

Transparent Pricing In Microfinance

Chuck Waterfield, April 12-19, 2010

Launch of the Transparent Pricing Initiative in India

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