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MFTransparency presents at European Microfinance Week, 2010

Published on December 1, 2010

In December 2010, MFTransparency presented as part of European Microfinance Platform’s week on Building Responsible Partnerships.  Alexandra Fiorillo, COO of MFTransparency joined a panel including representatives from the Smart Campaign, Blue Rhino Consult, and CERMi, discussing the topic “Responsible Pricing in Microfinance: What is to be considered fair and what does fairness entail?”

MFTransparency stress the importance of a combination of self-regulation, transparent pricing and supportive government regulation in the drive for responsible pricing.

Event Presentation – download in English

Transparent Pricing for Responsible Finance

Alexandra Fiorillo, December 1,  2010

European Microfinance Week, 2010

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