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MFTransparency presents at Foromic 2010, Montevideo, Uruguay

Published on October 6, 2010

The XIII Foromic of the Inter-American Development Bank was held in Montevideo, Uruguay from October 6 Р8, 2010. Foromic provides a platform for Latin American stakeholders in the microfinance and microenterprise development industry to exchange best practices, methodologies, and strategies to promote and support the microenterprise sector.  Focusing on current issues in the microenterprise sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Foromic addressed topics such as technology and microfinance, innovative solutions for microenterprise producers, and new developments in social performance for MFIs.

MFTransparency presented on issues of consumer protection and responsible finance.

Event Presentation – download in Spanish

Protección al Consumidor y Finanzas Responsables

Chuck Waterfield, 6-8, October 2010

Foromic 2010, Montevideo, Uruguay

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