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MFTransparency presents at Frankfurt Microfinance Workshop, Germany

Published on July 19, 2012

In July 2012 MFTransparency presented as part of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management’s 8th “University meets Microfinance Workshop”, organized by the e-MFP Action Group “University Meets Microfinance”. This workshop addressed the topic of “Microfinance in crisis? Impact and financial transparency”.

Chuck Waterfield presented on panels discussing “Transparency in Microfinance – The Client Perspective” and “The Role of Governments in Promoting Transparency”. Included in these was a description of the evolution of transparency in microfinance, ranging from the beginnings of transparency in 1995 to its rapid expansion in definition and participation post 2008.


Event Presentation – download in English

Transparency in Microfinance: The Client Perspective

Chuck Waterfield, July 2012

University Meets Microfinance Workshop, Frankfurt, Germany

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