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MFTransparency presents to Social Impact Investors, Netherlands

Published on June 20, 2011

In June 2011, MFTransparency was invited to dialogue with social investors about the the controversies in microfinance receiving such wide attention due to the India crisis. MFTransparency presented to SNS Asset Management’s investors meeting, explaining the complicated current affairs in microfinance to their investment managers.

Chuck Waterfield presented on the topic of “Transparency, finding our way through the complete confusion in pricing of micro-credit“. This included a brief  a description of how the microfinance industry became so non-transparent, an explanation of the price curve in microfinance and examples of microfinance pricing trends from around the world. Chuck’s presentation can be downloaded below.


Event Presentation – download in English

Transparency, finding our way through the complete confusion in pricing of micro-credit

Chuck Waterfield, June 2011

SNS Investors Meeting, Netherlands

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