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MFTransparency’s India Data Launch Conference

Published on February 25, 2011

On February 25th 2011 MFTransparency launched the results of the Transparent Pricing Initiative in India with a data launch conference.  The event included a presentation of discussion and analysis of the data, featuring transparent pricing data for 82 Indian MFIs. This included price and cost analysis within the Indian market and in comparison to microfinance markets internationally

The conference was a unique opportunity for a range of Indian market players to share their reactions to the India market data. Sessions were designed to encourage feedback and discussion on ways to implement greater transparency and client protection. MFTransparency presented sessions explaining how to interpret the data, and what the future holds for microfinance pricing

Event Presentation – download Session I 

Pricing in the Indian Microfinance Market – Explaining the Data

Chuck Waterfield, February 25,  2011

MFTransparency’s India data Launch Conference

Event Presentation – download Session II 

The Future of Microfinance Pricing

Chuck Waterfield, February 25,  2011

MFTransparency’s India data Launch Conference

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