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Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. 102 San Sebastian, Verbena Sts.Bacolod City, Negros Occidental6100
Data approved: 2011-11-15
Data version: 1
Age of data: 105 months


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Product Details

Key Statistics
Outstanding portfolio (PHP)PHP 496,900,000
Portfolio (USD)USD 11,887,559.81
Active Clients with Loans96,603
Approximate % Female Clients80% - 100%
Approximate % Urban Clients20% - 40%
Solidarity groupx
Village banking
Self help group
This loan product can be used for client's business expansion or start-up. The primary loan. A borrower cannot avail of any other loan without this, except if you are already availing the individual loan.
Loan Purpose
Any purpose
Income generationx
Consumer loan
Other household finance
Other (2)
Included Services
Credit education
Group meetingsx
Credit insurancex
Workplace visits
Business trainingx
Other trainingx
OtherInsurance - life, accident, burial assistance for member & family
Other (2)Savings / Medical and dental missions
No other services
Must run a business
Must own a home or land
Must be a salaried worker
Must be specific age group
Other (2)
# Borrowers by Product
Portfolio Size by Product
Geographic Coverage
# Regions for this institutionN/A
# Regions for this productN/A
Regions Active

Loan Conditions

Loan Amount
Minimum loan sizePHP 1,000
Maximum loan size30,000
Loan Term and Grace Period
Shortest loan term3.0 months
Longest loan term12.0 months
Approx average6.7 months
Grace Period
Grace period usage0
Average grace period0
Repayment Frequency
Every 2 weeks
Every 4 weeks
Every 2 months
Every 6 months
Every 12 months
Single end payment
Irregular payments

Pricing Information

Lowest quoted nominal interest2.50%
Highest quoted nominal interest2.50%
Interest rate periodMonthly
Interest Rate Calculation MethodFlat
Subsidized by funder request?
Is rate fixed for entire loan termYes
Upfront Fees
This product has no upfront fees
Ongoing Fees
Fee 1Fee 2
DescriptionService ChargeDevelopment Cost
% of loan amount - min3.00%5.00%
% of loan amount - max3.00%5.00%
OR, Fixed amount - min00
Fixed amount - max00
Reason for variationamortized over the loan termamortized over the loan term
Appears on Repayment Sched?YesYes
Upfront Insurance Fees
This product has no upfront insurance fees
Ongoing Insurance Fees
Ins 1
% of loan amount - min0
% of loan amount - max0
OR, Fixed amount - min10
Fixed amount - max32
Reason for variationN/A
Appears on Repayment Sched?Yes
Compulsory Deposit
Required forAll
Is deposit indicated on the repayment schedule?Yes
Do borrowers control deposit in their group?
Deposit BEFORE or AT Disbursement
% loan amount deposited5.00%
or, Fixed-amount deposited0
Deposits DURING period payments
% loan amount deposited0
or, Fixed-amount depositedPHP 1
Conditions on access to depositAccess During
Interest Paid on Deposit
Minimum interest rate paid4.00%
Maximum interest rate paid4.00%
Interest payment frequencyQuarterly
Are taxes charged on this product?No
Additional Comments
Development Cost is used for staff training and capacity building. Included in weekly savings deposit is Pag-asa fund (group fund. Weekly savings is P1/loan cycle.

Full Pricing Data

General Loan samples
Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3Sample 4
Loan AmountPHP 8,000PHP 8,000PHP 10,000PHP 22,000
Loan Cycle (1, 2, 3, etc)33916
Disbursement Date2011-06-292011-06-292011-06-222011-06-22
Loan Term (Months)6.0 months6.0 months12.0 months6.0 months
Grace Period (Months)0.0 months0.0 months0.0 months0.0 months
Total Cost of CreditNot KnownNot KnownNot KnownNot Known
True Price by Comp       
Interest and Fee Component85.6%85.6%69.7%85.6%
Insurance Component21.6%21.6%16.4%12.6%
Tax Component0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%
Deposit Component11.6%11.6%11.1%10.4%
Full APR (int fee ins tax dep)118.7%118.7%97.2%108.6%
Transparency Index25253128
Original Repayment SchedulePDFPDFPDFPDF
MFT Pricing CalculationPDFPDFPDFPDF
General Loan Price Graphs

Please note that the information you are viewing is 86 months old and may not represent the prices currently charged. If you represent this MFI and wish to update your information, click HERE


AIDEZ Small Project International HSN C191/18, AbelemkpeAccra, Greater Accra
Data approved: 2013-03-26
Data version: 2
Age of data: 86 months

Institution Details

Institution TypeNon-Governmental Organization
Is this institution regulated?Yes
Website address
Year established2003
Head of InstitutionMoses O.T Owharo
Regions activeGreater Accra Region, Volta Region
# Branches0

Total Portfolio (nat'l)GHS 174,550
Total Portfolio (USD)USD 88,604.06
Active clients with loans845
Approximate % female clients80% - 100%
Approximate % urban clients40% - 60%
Network affiliationsGHAMFIN, ASSFIN, Coalition of NGOs in Health, Microcredit summit campaign, USA
FundersUSAID, UBA, Zenith Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank

Loan Products » Summary

102 Borrowers
USD 39,187.82 Portfolio
Active Product
236 Borrowers
USD 2,741.12 Portfolio
Active Product
170 Borrowers
USD 3,730.96 Portfolio
Active Product
300 Borrowers
USD 36,548.22 Portfolio
Active Product
7 Borrowers
USD 3,553.30 Portfolio
Low Volume Product
30 Borrowers
USD 2,842.64 Portfolio
Low Volume Product
Retired Product
Retired Product
Note: MFTransparency presents full data for active products with over 50 borrowers. Basic data is shown for lower volume products

Loan Products » Conditions

Product Name Loan Size Range Loan Term (months) % Female % Urban Loan Purpose Eligibility Other Services
Agriculture Loan GHS 400 - 15,000 4 - 24 40% - 60% 0% - 20% Business, Used for agricultural purposes Women, Men, Have business, Must own a farm or animals, fish, etc. Credit Educ, Group Mtgs, Tech Asst Visits, Business Training, Other Training, Health Education, Technology Management
Individual Loan GHS 100 - 3,000 3 - 12 60% - 80% 40% - 60% Business, Consumer, Education Women, Men, Have business, Salaried worker, Must provide a guarantor Credit Educ, Tech Asst Visits, Business Training, Health Education
SME Loan GHS 1,500 - 5,000 4 - 8 80% - 100% 60% - 80% Business Women, Men, Have business, Must be a graduate from a small group loan, Must provide guarantor Credit Educ, Tech Asst Visits, Business Training
Petty Traders Loan (PTL) GHS 50 - 2,000 3 - 12 80% - 100% 40% - 60% Business Women, Men, Have business Credit Educ, Group Mtgs, Business Training

Loan Products » Pricing Information

Product Name Annual Nominal Interest Fees Insurance Taxes Compulsory Deposit APR (int+fee) Full APR Transparency Index
Agriculture Loan 48.00% annual, Flat 1 Fee 0 Ins None 15.00%-30.00% upfront 93% - 112.1% 137.1% - 163.9% 32
Individual Loan 48.00% annual, Flat 1 Fee 0 Ins None 20.00% upfront 118.9% - 159.8% 174.6% - 205.5% 25
SME Loan 48.00% annual, Flat 1 Fee 0 Ins None 15.00%-20.00% upfront 107.9% - 136% 157.9% - 182.6% 28
Petty Traders Loan (PTL) 48.00% annual, Flat 1 Fee 0 Ins None 20.00% upfront 118.9% - 125.8% 174.6% - 183.6% 26
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