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Morocco Pricing Data Now Available

Published on June 26, 2014

Morocco FlagWe are pleased to announce the launch of new pricing data covering the microfinance market in Morocco.

The new pricing data shows the current state of pricing dynamics in the Morocco microfinance market which has never been public before.

The dataset shows complete and comparable data on interest rates, fees, insurance costs and taxes charged on microloans, standardized in an annual percentage rate formula.

It is our pleasure to invite you to view the new pricing data on the MFTransparency Pricing Data Platform. The data will also soon be available for direct download via the Truth In Lending (TILT) csv files.

The Morocco Pricing Data Launch and understanding pricing presentations delivered by Chuck Waterfield during the data launch event in Casablanca, Morocco are available for download from Here.

The new pricing data for Morocco was collected and analyzed in partnership with Planet Rating.

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