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India Pricing Data Report

Published on January 21, 2011

Available Downloads

Languages available: English

The publication of accurate pricing information for India was a historic moment for MFTransparency, for microfinance in India, and for microfinance in the world. Never before had pricing information for so many clients been publicly available. At the launch of the India Pricing Data Report our data set contains pricing information from 82 Indian MFIs, representing US$4.5 billion in loans to 27 million clients, over 90% of whom are women. In terms of the approximate, known total market activity, this represented approximately 77% of active borrowers and 80% of the total gross loan portfolio.

This report, published in January 2011, draws together the context and analysis of pricing data in India. It includes sections on:

  • Pricing Transparency
  • The evolution of the Transparent Pricing Initiative in India
  • Current Pricing in India
  • Price and Delivery Cost Comparisons


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