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The Birth of Transparent Markets – Industry Reactions

Published on June 19, 2012

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Industry Reactions to Pricing Data Launches

In December 2010, MFTransparency hosted our first data launch conferences in Bolivia and Ecuador. At these events, industry participants saw the live product pricing data for their markets for the first time, engaging in discussions and working sessions to begin operations in a new environment of transparency. The road to transparency in these markets was not always smooth; various stakeholders had their doubts along the way. But in the end, participation levels were very strong and a range of industry players found benefits to transparency that they had not anticipated.

The attached resource presents a collection of quotes reflecting the reactions of participants in the Bolivia and Ecuador Data Launch Conferences to the new possibilities of transparent pricing in microfinance.


“The participation of MFIs is remarkable, the fact that 100% of member institutions of ASOFIN and FINRURAL have participated and provided the necessary information demonstrates the willingness of these institutions to make their prices and supply of services transparent.” Erlan Llanos, Investment Officer, LOCFUND, Bolivia


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