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Uganda Data Launch Presentation

Published on August 17, 2011

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On July 27, 2011 MFTransparency hosted a webinar to launch the data collected during the Transparent Pricing Initiative in Uganda.

This is the second data launch of the enabling APR & EIR Program, following Malawi. This virtual event was attended online by industry participants from around the world, and in-person at the AMFIU offices in Kampala by local market leaders. MFTransparency congratulates the financial institutions of Uganda who have participated by submitting their microloan pricing data, establishing themselves as leaders in the Ugandan microfinance market. We would also like to extend a special thank you to AMFIU for their support throughout this Initiative.

The webinar presentation can be viewed below or downloaded as a PDF here.

A full recording of the webinar presentation and audio are below. 

Uganda Data Launch Webinar from MicroFinance Transparency on Vimeo.

About the enabling APR & EIR Program:

The Transparent Pricing Initiative in Uganda is part of a broader project funded by the MasterCard Foundation and known as the enabling APR & EIR Program (enabling Africa to Price Responsibly & Educate on Interest Rates). This project began in August 2010 with Malawi and continued with Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique. In each of these countries, MFTransparency collects and publishes data on the interest and fees charged on microfinance loan products in order to calculate their accurate, true prices (Effective Interest Rates). As part of the enabling APR & EIR Program, MFTransparency also conducts training seminars, offers technical assistance to financial institutions, facilitates discussion on policy for pricing disclosure and client protection and produces educational materials tailored to the specific needs of different stakeholder groups, including financial education programs for borrowers.

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