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Indian Microfinance: Achievement of Transparent Pricing

Published on March 12, 2011

On February 25, 2011 MFTransparency hosted the national conference “Indian Microfinance: Achievement of Transparent Pricing”, attended by a range of Indian microfinance industry stakeholders including leading MFIs, MFI networks and regulators. This conference was the formal launch event for the newly published India market data, currently available on the MFTransparency website. The event included sessions presenting this new data, providing comments from industry leaders and facilitating industry-wide discussion. Click the image below for the full agenda for the conference:

MFTransparency would like to thank all those who participated in this workshop, in particular the speakers who made it a successful event.

Several of the presentations and speeches are available for download below.

Session 1: Pricing in the Indian Microfinance Market – Explaining the Data

  • Presentation – Mr. Chuck Waterfield, CEO & President, MFTransparency

The publication of this data is a major step forward in the Indian microfinance industry’s ongoing efforts towards greater transparency and consumer protection. It is our hope that this data will serve as a new foundation of information on which the microfinance industry can build transparent pricing practices. This conference, combining education and analysis, will help in continuing to move this process forward.

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