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Introduction to MFTransparency Website

Published on July 28, 2013

In celebration of MFTransparency’s fifth anniversary, we are featuring some of our most important work and activities over the coming month.  One of our key accomplishments over the past period is the MFTransparency website which serves as the first and only public platform on transparency pricing data for microfinance products.

The MFTransparency website was initially launched in 2009 and was redesigned in early 2013 to include new pricing data pages, with details on the country and institutional levels, as well as interactive pricing graphs that can be custom-filtered for various pricing attributes.

Through this short tutorial video, visitors will be able to quickly learn the key highlights of the website.  The video specifically focuses on presenting the new pricing data platform illustrating how to get the best out of the new pricing data at the level of detail that is suitable to different audiences.

This video is created and narrated by MFTransparancey’s Program Manager, Louisa Dennison.

You can access the video here:

Intro to MFTransparency Website from MicroFinance Transparency on Vimeo.

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