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MFTransparency Wins Award from “Enterprise Development and Microfinance”

Published on January 9, 2010

The winning entry in the 20th anniversary edition of “Enterprise Development and Microfinance” was written by MFTransparency staff.




Enterprise Development and Microfinance Announcement

Enterprise Development and Microfinance journal has now been published for 20 years! To celebrate the fact, we invited some well known names to give us their ideas of either the major achievements of the last 10 years, or their predictions for the next 10. We also had some great entries from newer voices. The winning entry for the short contributions was from Chuck Waterfield and Larry Reed who write about safety for savers and investors in the wake of the credit crunch.

If you would like to order a single copy (cost £18.75 or $37.50) then please email [email protected]. If you are interested in reading this edition online or subscribing you can visit our website ( and follow links to EDM.

Enterprise Development and Microfinance journal



  • Editorial – CLARE TAWNEY
  • Making microfinance safe for commercial funding – CHUCK WATERFIELD and LARRY REED
  • Warning to microfinance institutions in Africa : innovate or die – TERESA MARU
  • We asked for private sector involvement – now we’ve got it. Some challenges to microfinance from disruptive new entrants – ELISABETH RHYNE
  • Achieving inclusive growth – ROBERT ANNIBALE
  • What’s the trouble with men? Contributions and challenges of gender analysis to microfinance – GLORIA ALMEYDA
  • Gender mainstreaming in enterprise development: starting to adequately address the needs of the majority of the world’s poor – LINDA MAYOUX
  • It’s time to address the microsavings challenge, scalably – BOB CHRISTEN and IGNACIO MAS
  • Two decades of small enterprise development and microfinance – WILLIAM F. STEEL
  • Microfinance is dead! Long live microfinance. Critical reflections on two decades of microfinance policy and practice – SUSAN JOHNSON
  • A 20/20 retrospective on enterprise development: in search of impact, scale and sustainability – LINDA JONES and ALEXANDRA MIEHLBRADT
  • Microfinance – a tentative neo-Marxist diagnosis, and what next? – MALCOLM HARPER


  • Portfolios of the Poor. How the World’s Poor Live on $2 a Day by Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch , Stuart Rutherford, Orlanda Ruthven



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