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MFTransparency Launches the Truth in Lending Tables (TILT)

Published on August 16, 2013

In celebration of MFTransparency’s fifth anniversary, we are featuring some of our most important work and activities over the month of August.  One of our more recent and groundbreaking outputs is the Truth in Lending Tables (TILT).

TILTThese never-seen-before tables provide complete and comparable data from hundreds of MFIs on the interest rates and fees charged to microfinance clients.  This new display of pricing data through TILT provides numerous possibilities for multi-dimensional analysis that were never available before.  This includes new data points and trend data for a number of countries that will enable for correlations between pricing and other loan attributes such as loan term, loan use, etc.  for the first time.

Through this short tutorial video, visitors will be able to quickly learn  how to download and make sense of the different fields in the TILT.    The video is designed  to provide an overview of the new pricing database so that different audiences can get the best out of the new pricing database at the level of detail that is most suitable to their needs.

This video is created and narrated by MFTransparancey’s CEO, Chuck Waterfield.

You can access the video here:

As noted in the video, the basic version of MFTransparency’s pricing database is now available for download in CSV form on MFTransparency’s website.  You can click here for more information on how to download the TILT.  A comprehensive dictionary of terms used in the TILT  can also be accessed under the resources section of the MFTransparency website, which you can access from here.

A more sophisticated interactive analysis tool will be soon be published to enable in-depth interpretation of the vast range of data using in-built tables and filterable graphs. Stay tuned for the publication of this exciting new tool soon on MFTransparency’s website!


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