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MFTransparency Partners with PlaNet Finance India on MPEA 2010

Published on August 12, 2010

The Microfinance Process Excellence Award (MPEA) is an effort by PlaNet Finance India to reward process excellence in microfinance institutions (MFIs), establish industry benchmarks and elevate the standards of process and institutional management across MFIs in India. This is the 4th time that this prestigious award has been offered.

Governance and Price Transparency were introduced to MPEA 2010 as new criteria in order to spread awareness of the importance of good corporate governance standards in the Indian microfinance sector and to fit the program into the larger framework of social performance measurement. This is also an attempt to upgrade the management quality and institutional strength of MFIs through recognition of best practices. In a constantly changing economic and social environment where MFIs are faced with a number of operational, financial and reputational risks, promoting transparency and good governance among MFIs is essential to the development and sustainability of the sector.

The key indicators as well as the judging criteria have been developed in collaboration with and verified by MFTransparency, Genpact, ACCESS, Sa-Dhan, EDA Rural Systems, and other members of the service provider’s roundtable in India. Efforts have been made to achieve clarity and transparency in the application process through an easily accessible online survey and integration with the social performance reporting initiatives already underway in the Indian microfinance sector.

If you represent an Indian MFI and would like to apply for this award, please click here to complete the application survey by no later than September 15th 2010.

Technicalities and the Timelines of the MPEA 2010

  • August: Application process for MFIs (please click above to complete the application questionnaire)
  • Mid-August – mid-September: Online data collection and analysis
  • October: Jury sittings and compliance visits
  • November 15th: Award ceremony


If you have any questions, please contact PlaNet Finance India at their offices in Bangalore:Programme Manager in charge of the MPEA 2010: Saheba Sahni
Phone: 08042066182
Email: [email protected]


We wish you good luck with the application!

NOTE: Please note that this survey is only one module of the planned SPM (EDA) tool and it does not substitute data reporting to either the MIX or to the MFTransparency Transparent Pricing Initiative in India. This survey builds synergies with these other initiatives. While MFIs must submit data to each initiative separately there will be no overlap, so they will not be required to report on the same indicators to more than one initiative.

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