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MFTransparency presents at Microfinance Investments in Asia Conference, Singapore

Published on January 1, 2010

In January 2010, MFTransparency presented at the conference entitled “Microfinance Investments in Asia”, held in Singapore. This event was organized by Hanson Wade and co-hosted by Standard Chartered Bank.

The conference aimed to shape the future of the microfinance market in the region, bringing together central bankers and policy makers, commercial banks and asset managers, private and institutional investors, multilateral investors, foundations and family offices.  It focused on some of the critical issues facing the sector, such as regulation and government policy across Asia and how it will affect microfinance growth, what approach should MFIs take to gain access to capital markets, to what extent can the sector gain buy-in from high net worth individuals, and private equity, debt and equity funds are targeting microfinance across the region.

MFTransparency’s Chuck Waterfield presented on the issue of Risk Management, and the implications of product pricing in this.

Event Presentation – download in English

Risk Management – The Implication of Product Pricing

Chuck Waterfield, January 2010

Hanson-Wade Investor Conference, Singapore

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