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MFTransparency Publishes Updated Pricing Data for Cambodia

Published on April 28, 2011

LANCASTER, PA USA April 28, 2011– MFTransparency has published updated pricing data for Cambodia for 2010, building on the original dataset published in 2009.  Cambodia was one of the initial countries where MFTransparency collected true-cost microloan product pricing data and is the first country worldwide to complete the data updating process.

“We are excited to launch the brand new 2010 pricing data for Cambodia”, said Alexandra Fiorillo, Vice President of MFTransparency. “This is an historic milestone for MFTransparency and the microfinance industry as a whole, as it is the first time ever that we have the opportunity to analyze trends in product pricing over time. We can finally begin to observe the early results of transparency.” The availability of this new body of information, beginning with Cambodia, will enable the microfinance industry to make important discoveries about the dynamics of pricing of microloans. With this new capacity for trend analysis, we can also begin to shed light on the role of pricing transparency in impacting the functioning of microfinance markets.

While any MFI reporting to MFTransparency can update its pricing data at any time, all microfinance institution in all countries are required to update their data on an annual basis. Fourteen MFIs in Bosnia are currently in the process of completing their updated data submissions. Peru will be the next country to undergo the updating process.

MFTransparency will soon host a webinar where pricing experts will share the initial results of the newly available trend analysis on microloan pricing in Cambodia. More information about this exciting industry-wide event will be posted on the MFTransparency website ( as it becomes available.

View the updated Cambodia pricing data


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