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MFTransparency’s CEO gives training to Incofin team

Published on August 1, 2012

In July 2012 MFTransparency delivered a series of training sessions to European microfinance investors, one of which was Incofin. Chuck Waterfield’s presentations can been downloaded here.

View Incofin’s summary of the training here.

Incofin Investment Management, MicroFinance Transparency’s CEO Chuck Waterfield gives training to Incofin team, 01 August 2012

In July, Chuck Waterfield, CEO of MicroFinance Transparency, came to the Incofin office in Belgium to give training to the team. The international NGO MicroFinance Transparency promotes responsible pricing practices and transparency in the microfinance sector. The training focused on the new version of the organization’s Calculating Transparent Pricing Tool to analyze the effective interest rate of a particular loan product.

On the same occasion, the Incofin team had an interesting discussion with Mr Waterfield on correct and responsible pricing. Incofin also reiterated its engagement to keep on motivating MFIs to maximize transparent pricing.

Incofin IM and 900 other individuals and organizations already endorsed the double mission of MicroFinance Transparency:

  •     Facilitate the collection and dissemination of transparent microcredit product pricing information
  •     Educate stakeholders and enhance their understanding of microcredit product pricing.

Learn more on how to endorse MF Transparency.

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