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MFTransparency’s First Data Launch Webinar Presentation

Published on November 1, 2009

In November 2009, MFTransparency published the world’s first true-cost pricing data during two live webinar sessions. These presented the results of the Transparent Pricing Initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia and Peru. The webinar introduced and interpreted the pricing data and discussed its effect on market conditions.

“This webinar will provide participants the opportunity to interact with the data we have collected and discuss some of its implications for the microfinance industry,” said Chuck Waterfield, the founder and CEO of MFTransparency.

MFTransparency’s pricing data launch webinars offer an open forum for addressing pricing data questions and are an opportunity for all microfinance stakeholders to discuss and interpret new transparent pricing data. Discussions explore pricing practices, variations across MFIs, product types and sizes as well as underlying price differentiating factors such as geography and regulation.

This first pricing data launch was introduced with a presentation by Chuck Waterfield.

Event Presentation – download in English

MFTransparency’s Data Launch Webinar Presentation

Microfinance Transparency, November 2009

MFTransparency’s First Data Launch Webinar Presentation

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