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MFTransparency’s Social Performance Task Force Training Webinar

Published on April 2, 2012

In April 2012 MFTransparency presented as part of the Social Performance Task Force free online training webinar series – SPM Essentials. These trainings keep task force members aware of the latest initiatives, research, tools, and resources from the field.

Chuck Waterfield presented a training webinar on the progress in Pricing Transparency, explaining that now that the microfinance industry has accurate pricing information; our next step is to learn how to understand the prices charged by microfinance institutions. He explained why averages are deceptive in microfinance, how to understand the price curve and why transparent pricing is a necessary element of responsible microfinance.

The presentation, entitled “Transparent Pricing Progress: Now to Understand the Prices We Charge” can be downloaded below.

Event Presentation – download in English

Transparent Pricing Progress:  Now to understand the prices we charge

Chuck Waterfield, April 2012

Social Performance Task Force Training Webinar

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