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Microfinance Investment Transparency and Evaluation – USAID Seminar

Published on July 25, 2011

by Jordan Filko

Last week MFTransparency CEO Chuck Waterfield presented on a USAID-hosted panel on “Microfinance Investment Transparency and Evaluation” alongside MicroRate Managing Director & CEO Sebastian von Stauffenberg. The event was attended by more than 200 people in-person and virtually.

The presenters shared insights on both the role of transparency in facilitating investment in the microfinance industry, and what investors can do to encourage transparent practices. As leaders of two industry support, data-driven organizations, the presentations each represented a unique perspective that share many synergies, resulting in a composite view on the subject that prompted an insightful discussion during the Q&A session.

If you missed this event, there is a great summary available on the Oikocredit USA  blog and an interview on key takeaways of the seminar, as well as the presentation slides, posted on the MicroLinks website.

Many thanks to MicroLinks for organizing this event! For more information about upcoming seminars in this series click here.

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