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Yehu Microfinance Trust PO Box 82120Mombasa
Data approved: 2013-09-13
Data version: 2
Age of data: 136 months


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Product Details

Key Statistics
Outstanding portfolio (KES)KES 1,596,976.68
Portfolio (USD)USD 19,287.16
Active Clients with Loans109
Approximate % Female Clients80% - 100%
Approximate % Urban Clients20% - 40%
Solidarity groupx
Village banking
Self help group
Used for working capital and purchase of equipment. Capital items include chicks, feeding equipment etc.
Loan Purpose
Any purpose
Income generationx
Consumer loan
Other household finance
Other (2)
Included Services
Credit educationx
Group meetingsx
Credit insurancex
Workplace visits
Business trainingx
Other trainingx
OtherLeadership training
Other (2)
No other services
Must run a businessx
Must own a home or land
Must be a salaried worker
Must be specific age groupx
Other (2)
# Borrowers by Product
Portfolio Size by Product
Geographic Coverage
# Regions for this institution1
# Regions for this product1
Regions ActiveCoast

Loan Conditions

Loan Amount
Minimum loan sizeKES 10,000
Maximum loan size60,000
Distribution at Disbursement (Est.)
Loans less than KES 50,00070%
KES 50,000-150,00030%
KES 150,000-250,0000
KES 250,000-350,0000
KES 350,000-450,0000
Greater than KES 450,0000
Loan Term and Grace Period
Shortest loan term3.0 months
Longest loan term24.0 months
Approx average12.0 months
Grace Period
Grace period usage100%
Average grace period1.0 month
Repayment Frequency
Every 2 weeks
Every 4 weeks
Every 2 months
Every 6 months
Every 12 months
Single end payment
Irregular payments

Pricing Information

Lowest quoted nominal interest21.00%
Highest quoted nominal interest21.00%
Interest rate periodYearly
Interest Rate Calculation MethodFlat
Subsidized by funder request?No
Is rate fixed for entire loan termYes
Upfront Fees
Fee 1
DescriptionApplication Fee
% of loan amount - min0
% of loan amount - max1.00%
OR, Fixed amount - min400
Fixed amount - max0
Reason for variationKES 400 Minimum
Appears on Repayment Sched?No
Ongoing Fees
This product has no ongoing fees
Upfront Insurance Fees
Ins 1
DescriptionEmergency Fund
% of loan amount - min1.50%
% of loan amount - max1.50%
OR, Fixed amount - min0
Fixed amount - max0
Reason for variationN/A
Appears on Repayment Sched?No
Ongoing Insurance Fees
This product has no ongoing insurance fees
Compulsory Deposit
Required forAll
CriteriaRural loans <30,000 KES =15%. Loans >30,000 KES = 10%. Urban loans <100,000 KES = 15%. Loans >100,000 KES = 10%
Is deposit indicated on the repayment schedule?No
Do borrowers control deposit in their group?Yes
Deposit BEFORE or AT Disbursement
% loan amount deposited10.00% - 15.00%
or, Fixed-amount deposited0
Deposits DURING period payments
% loan amount deposited0
or, Fixed-amount depositedKES 100
Conditions on access to depositAccess During
Interest Paid on Deposit
Minimum interest rate paid2.00%
Maximum interest rate paid4.00%
Interest payment frequencyAnnually
Are taxes charged on this product?No

Full Pricing Data

Agriculture Loan - Poultry samples
Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3
Loan AmountKES 10,000KES 20,000KES 50,000
Loan Cycle (1, 2, 3, etc)Not KnownNot KnownNot Known
Disbursement Date2013-03-212013-05-092013-05-28
Loan Term (Months)9.0 months12.0 months12.0 months
Grace Period (Months)0.5 months0.5 months0.5 months
Total Cost of CreditKES 2,134KES 4,900KES 11,762
True Price by Comp     
Interest price component37.2%37.8%37.8%
Fee Component10.6%4.1%2.1%
Insurance Component4.1%3.2%3.1%
Tax Component0.0%0.0%0.0%
Deposit Component29.6%21.3%16.3%
Full APR (int fee ins tax dep)81.5%66.4%59.3%
Transparency Index253034
Original Repayment SchedulePDFPDFPDF
MFT Pricing CalculationPDFPDFPDF
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