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New Country Surveys from MFTransparency

Published on February 22, 2012

Across the globe no two microfinance industries are the same. Each is uniquely influenced by the national socio-economic climate within which it operates. Transparent pricing data gathered by MFTransparency clearly illustrates how the practice of microfinance in a country can differ vastly from those of its neighbors.  A key feature of MFTransparency’s research is the division of product pricing data by country, recognizing that national factors affecting the pricing of microloans make the fair comparison of products between countries difficult.

Many factors are responsible for the international variations between microfinance industries, including differences in regulation, the cost of funds, level of competition, financial inclusion, operating costs and the broader economic and political framework of the country. These create a unique set of circumstances in each country, governing the origins, present state and future development of its microfinance market.

For each of the countries in which MFTransparency works a thorough review is conducted, known as a Country Survey, outlining these national socio-economic, political and historic factors. Summarizing the country specific context, Country Surveys form a valuable backdrop against which to examine a market’s pricing data.

MFTransparency is pleased to share the Country Surveys for the microfinance markets involved in the enabling APR and EIR Program – an initiative sponsorred by the MasterCard Foundation. The Country Surveys were prepared by a team of talented interns working for MFTransparency, and should be viewed as a resource offering general contextual information for the Transparent Pricing Initiative in each country. 

MFTransparency is the leading provider of educational materials on pricing in the microfinance industry.

We are committed to providing an array of resources to enable industry stakeholders to adopt more transparent pricing practices. Feel free to contact us with questions and feedback at [email protected]

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