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New Resources from African Microfinance Transparency Leadership Forum

Published on January 12, 2012

In October 2011, MFTransparency hosted the African Microfinance Pricing Transparency Leadership Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. This was the first event of its kind, bringing together policymakers, regulators, networks and a host of industry experts to discuss issues related to pricing transparency in African microfinance markets. More than 120 people comprised this carefully selected participant group, representing 24 different African countries. Attendees included policymakers, regulators and networks organized into teams representing their respective countries.

MFTransparency is pleased to share a body of articles and tools arising from this unique three day event, designed to condense the main learnings for sharing throughout the industry and also to support regulators and policymakers as they begin to take the next steps toward transparent pricing.

MFTransparency African Microfinance Pricing Transparency Leadership Forum Report now available. Giving an overview of the event, the insights and the outcomes, a full report and a summary report are now available to download.
To download the Full Forum Report click here
To download the Summary Forum Report click here.

MFTransparency is the leading provider of educational materials on pricing in the microfinance industry.

We are committed to providing an array of resources to enable industry stakeholders to better understand and implement responsible pricing and adopt more transparent practices. In addition to the event report MFTransparency is excited to announce a series of new resources from the African Microfinance Transparency Leadership Forum.

Resources from the African Leadership Forum:

The Forum Report

This report summarizes and analyzes the main topics of the discussion at the forum, synthesising this unprecidented exchange of experiences into a series of critical observations for the microfinance industry about how to implement policy for transparent pricing.

Read this new article here

Discussion Insights: Challenges and Solutions

This resource presents some of the main challenges, questionsand solutions arising from the presentations, panels, roundtable discussions and delegate meetings centered around three core themes: pricing calculation, standards for reporting and client financial education.

Read this new article here

Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities 

This resource provides an overview of some of the potential roles participants discussed for different stakeholder groups in the microfinance industry, as well as the relationships between them, in terms of facilitating transparent pricing.

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Financial Education: Heard at the Forum 

Client financial education was one of three core themes discussed at the African Microfinance Pricing Transparency Leadership Forum. This resource frames the discussion of client financial education, and extract insights on some of the most complex questions raised about this cornerstone of transparency.

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The Debate Over Official Pricing Disclosure Formulas 

Training sessions given by MFTransparency launched an ongoing debate among participants about what an official pricing disclosure formula should include. This resource provides insights from this debate, highlighting the most essential issues to be addressed to establish widespread agreement on this critical element of pricing disclosure policy.

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From the blog:

  • Responsible Finance: Regulators agree on the fundamental questions to be answered, click here.
  • African Policy Makers Outline the Way Forward in Transparent Pricing, click here.
  • Discussion at the African Leadership Forum: Standardized Disclosure of Loan Pricing, click here.

Event materials:

  • Presentations from Day One of the African Microfinance Pricing Transparency Leadership Forum, click here.
  • Presentations from Day Two of the African Microfinance Pricing Transparency Leadership Forum, click here.

The African Microfinance Pricing Transparency Leadership Forum was hosted by MFTransparency in partnership with Steering Committee members from Agence Française de Développement (AFD), African Microfinance Network (AFMIN), Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), with support from Luxembourg Cooperation. MFTransparency would like to extend a special thank you to lead donor AFD and supporting donors Luxembourg Cooperation and UNCDF.

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