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Petition to Support Grameen Bank

Published on July 30, 2012

Most of you will know the continuing battle being fought between Grameen Bank and the Government of Bangladesh.

Early allegations of high prices were refuted by a report done by MFTransparency.  As you can see from the report on our website, Grameen Bank has both the lowest prices of any large institution in Bangladesh as well as among the most transparent prices in the global microfinance industry.  The main product for Grameen has an APR of 20.0%, and clients are told the price is 20.0%.

In support of Grameen Bank and its clients (who are also its primary shareholders), a group of supporters are organizing a petition to be delivered to the government on August 17.  We have added our names to the petition and encourage you to do the same.

Click here to view the petition.

Chuck Waterfield

CEO, MicroFinance Transparency

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