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Webinar Invitation: Understanding the Price Curve

Published on September 3, 2012
On September 10th and 13th MFTransparency will be hosting two sessions of a webinar entitled “Understanding the Price Curve”.  The second session will be a repeat of the information contained in the first webinar. We invite all industry stakeholders to participate in these webinars.
In these webinars MFTransparency CEO Chuck Waterfield will present new insight into how product delivery costs and current microcredit prices behave very differently than commonly assumed.  Why are prices higher in some countries rather than others?  Why do some microfinance institutions in a country have lower prices than others in the same country?  Much has to do with “where you are on the curve”.  Waterfield will share his latest insights on this critical topic, substantiated by data from numerous countries.


Title: Webinar on Understanding the Price Curve 

Date: Monday 10th September

Time: 13:00 UTC

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Title: Webinar on Understanding the Price Curve 

Date: Thursday 13th September

Time: 21:00 UTC

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GoToWebinar will be used to host this webinar.  Please register for this webinar in advance.  Spaces are limited so reserve your place as soon as possible by clicking one of the links above. The second webinar will cover the same material as the first webinar. If you have previously signed up to the first webinar and would prefer to attend the second please re-confirm for the second event.

These virtual events will include both a presentation that can be viewed on your computer as well as an audio component that can be accessed either via your computer speakers or by telephone (please note that the telephone option uses a US dial-in number). After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing more information about joining the Webinar.

Please send any questions to [email protected]
We look forward to discussing the Price Curve with you on September 10th and 13th.


  1. lina cardona says:

    i am interesting at webvinar conference, it´s posible have it in diferent lenguaje? this is developed throgh skype , messenger or what?

    Thanks, for your fast answer

  2. Chuck Waterfield says:

    Hello Lina,

    This webinar will be in English-only. We don’t have the technology to do simultaneous language on our webinars. However, in the near future we will also schedule events in Spanish (which I am able to deliver). Next year we hope to add French presentations as well, but it would be by a different member of our team (or I start spending *much* more time on my French lessons!).

    Chuck Waterfield
    CEO, MFTransparency