Notice: MFTransparency is now a defunct organization. Click here for further information.

Working to improve the microfinance industry

Published on September 15, 2012

MicroFinance Transparency works to aid transparency in microloan product pricing in the microfinance industry. Our firm belief is that transparency in pricing is an essential pre-requisite to responsible pricing, which in itself is necessary to ensure effective consumer protection and the promotion of social performance.

Our approach to this is to support microfinance institutions in becoming transparent. We offer to calculate their loan prices for them, to disclose their data on an international platform, and provide them with educational materials to assist their understanding of the complex world of microloan pricing. We work with all industry stakeholders and in partnership with other industry bodies, striving to ensure that pricing transparency is adopted and promoted in all parts of the microfinance industry.

We’ve been asked with curiosity and confusion about the similarities in website URL with the recently published book “Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic”. Regardless of the URL similarities, the book, its author, and the material presented on the book’s website are in no way affiliated with the organization MicroFinance Transparency. We are an independent NGO which promotes transparent pricing in the microfinance industry, established under the name MicroFinance Transparency four years ago.

Our vision is a microfinance industry operating within healthy market conditions where consumers and other stakeholders can make informed decisions. We believe this can be achieved through positive solutions – by providing support and assistance to the industry in the disclosure of true pricing data, delivery of education on understanding those prices, and the provision of advice to all stakeholders on pricing policy.

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