Institution # Borrowers Portfolio (US$) Products Age of Data
Banco Solidario79,700221,716,0001110
COAC 4 Octubre2,2005,771,0002110
COAC Ambato1,30016,415,0002110
COAC FondVida2,5004,200,0004110
COAC LaBenefica2,5008,482,0006110
COAC MCCH5,30010,020,0002110
COAC Nacional30,70027,129,0002110
COAC San José10,40029,133,0005110
COAC SanAntonio1,0002,384,0003110
COAC SantaAnita2,0002,532,0006110
Coop San Miguel1,8004,754,0005107
CooP VPR7001,052,0004110
Credi Fe100,900380,039,0004110
Fundacion Alternativa4,3005,545,0002110
Luz del Valle6,40011,300,0003110
PS Ambato5,6002,771,0001110
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Rural Bank of Liloy (ZN), Inc. BaybayLiloy, Zamboanga del Norte/ Region IX7115
Data approved: 2011-11-15
Data version: 1
Age of data: 98 months

Institution Details

Institution TypeRurBank
Is this institution regulated?Yes
Website addressN/A
Year established1979
Head of InstitutionPANCRASIO D. AJERO
Regions active
# Branches5

Total Portfolio (nat'l)PhP 43,039,358
Total Portfolio (USD)USD 1,029,649.71
Active clients with loans5,290
Approximate % female clients60% - 80%
Approximate % urban clients0% - 20%
Network affiliationsMicroenterprise Access to Banking Services (MABS), Mindanao Microfinance Council (MMC), Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP), Zamboanga del Norte Federation of Rural Banks
FundersBank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Landbank of the Philippines (LBP), People's Credit and Finance Corporation (PCFC)

Loan Products » Summary

4,036 Borrowers
USD 393,294.72 Portfolio
Active Product
1,253 Borrowers
USD 632,766.47 Portfolio
Active Product

Loan Products » Conditions

Product Name Loan Size Range Loan Term (months) % Female % Urban Loan Purpose Eligibility Other Services
PMPK-GRASA Program PHP 2,000 - 50,000 3 - 12 60% - 80% 0% - 20% Business Women, Men, Have business, Specific age group, 2 years resident in area, Must pass Means Test Group Mtgs, Credit Ins, Tech Asst Visits, Business Training, Other Training
SIPAG (Sinugdanan sa Paglambo) Loan PHP 5,000 - 150,000 3 - 12 60% - 80% 20% - 40% Business Women, Men, Have business, Specific age group, Has 2 valid IDs, Barangay Clearance, DTI , 2 years resident in area Credit Ins, Tech Asst Visits, Business Training, Seminar on Livelihoods

Loan Products » Pricing Information

Product Name Annual Nominal Interest Fees Insurance Taxes Compulsory Deposit APR (int+fee) Full APR Transparency Index
PMPK-GRASA Program 30.0% annual, Flat 1 Fee 1 Ins 1.00% loan amt 50.00 ongoing 82.9% - 83% 93.2% - 165.2% 26
SIPAG (Sinugdanan sa Paglambo) Loan 30.0% annual, Flat 1 Fee 2 Ins None 5.0% upfront 0.02% ongoing 78.1% - 78.2% 97% - 113% 29
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