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Cross Comparison Tool (CCT)

Welcome to the Cross Comparison Tool (CCT). The CCT is a very versatile tool that allows you to compare, side-by-side different kinds of data stored in the Truth-in-Lending Tables. For example, you can compare:

  • * Two institutions in the same country
  • * Two institutions in two different countries
  • * Two products of the same institution
  • * Two products of different institutions
  • * Older data and newer data of an institution (trend analysis)
  • * Older data and newer data of a particular product (trend analysis)

The CCT is available from all of the pricing web pages.  You can click the “Compare data with…” button on the Country page, the Institution page, or the Product page to start comparing information side by side.  The video below gives you a short introduction into the power built into this useful new feature.

The Video will appear here….



To enter the CCT, use the two drop downs below to select your beginning countries.  You can pick the same country on both drop downs if you want to compare two institutions or two products in the same country.  Once you have selected two countries, the CCT will appear.

Select country    and compare with