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Who we work with

Engaging the broad range of microfinance industry stakeholders to promote transparency

Transparent pricing is the right of all involved in the microfinance industry. In each country where we implement the Transparent Pricing Initiative, we partner with different stakeholder groups in the following ways:

Microfinance institutions: We offer staff training and pricing analysis to MFIs and educational materials tailored specifically to the characteristics of their local market. By publishing pricing data we also provide MFIs with important competitive information and official certification of transparent pricing.

Networks: Through our partnerships with local MFI associations, international MFI networks and regional networks of associations we are able to better understand the markets we are working in, ultimately offering more valuable services to local stakeholders while supporting the ongoing efforts of the networks themselves.

Regulators: We believe that a combination of self-regulation and governmental regulation is necessary to facilitate transparent pricing. We educate regulators about pricing in microfinance and policies for interest rate disclosure and client protection that are appropriate for the markets they oversee.

Funders: With the pricing data we publish, funders can choose MFI partners to better align their investments with their values. We also educate funders about the pricing dynamics of microfinance, enabling them to support their MFI partners more effectively.

Industry support organizations: We work with rating agencies, technical assistance providers, research institutes and other organizations active in the microfinance industry to improve the widespread understanding of interest rates and promote a standardized approach to interest rate disclosure. By publishing transparent prices we also enable these industry supporters to better serve the industry.

Journalists: As microfinance has increasingly come into the media spotlight, it is important that journalists have accurate information and an understanding of the pricing of microloans. MFTransparency offers training to journalists and speaks about interest rates to a range of publications to enhance the discussion of pricing in microfinance.

Other client protection efforts: MFTransparency works closely with the MIX, Social Performance Task Force, Smart Campaign and the SEEP Network. We share information, speak on panels and co-author papers with these organizations, also standardizing our approach and methodology.

Underlying our work with each of these stakeholder groups is our aim to improve the provision of financial services to microfinance clients.  We believe that with standardized, transparent pricing clients will be able to make more informed choices between the products available to them, and the cost of borrowing will decline in the long run. As part of each of our country projects we also develop financial literacy materials to empower clients to mobilize the value of transparency for themselves.

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