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Our Partners

Working in partnership with other industry bodies was an important aspect of MicroFinance Transparency’s approach. We aimed to collaborate with a range of industry players to ensure that the ideas and processes involved in responsible pricing are adopted in and promoted by all parts of the microfinance industry.

In each country we worked closely with the national microfinance network, collaborated with the regional networks and were supported by our global peers in the field of consumer protection, social performance and transparency.  In our data collection and disclosure efforts we worked in operational partnership with three industry bodies – Planet Rating, MFIN India, and Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN).

Pricing Data Partnerships

Using our complementary strengths and expertise, MicroFinance Transparency worked in partnership with Planet Rating, MFIN India, and PMN to collect and refresh microloan product pricing data and to promote pricing transparency within the microfinance sector.

Paris-based Planet Rating is a global rating agency specialized in microfinance, focused on providing all microfinance stakeholders with the information they need for sound growth of the sector.  Founded in 1999, Planet Rating has provided more than 650 financial and social ratings of MFIs, playing a vital role in professionalizing the sector for over a decade. Planet Rating provides high quality and unbiased rating reports, and offers a global geographic coverage through its six offices located in Paris, Lima, Dakar, Nairobi, Beirut, and Manila

Micro Finance Institutions Network (MFIN) is the premier Industry Association for the microfinance sector in India and its member organizations constitute the leading Microfinance institutions in the country. MFIN was created to promote the key objectives of microfinance, which is to help economically underserved communities achieve greater financial independence and build sustainable livelihoods. MFIN seeks to work closely with regulators and other key stakeholders to achieve larger financial inclusions goals through microfinance.

Pakistan Microfinance NetworkPakistan Microfinance Network (PMN) is a member-driven national level network working to support the sector, in particular microfinance providers, to enhance scale, quality, diversity and sustainability in order to achieve inclusive financial services. Pursuing its vision of extending the frontiers and reach of formal financial services to all, PMN’s goals include promoting an enabling environment that benefits the work of all stakeholders, building the capacity of stakeholders – especially that of retail microfinance institutions, and acting as an information gateway by disseminating industry relevant information, improving transparency, promoting benchmarking, and serving as an information hub.

Global Collaboration

Global Partners 2013

Regional Collaboration

Regional Partners 2013

National Collaboration

National Partners 2013

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