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India Pricing Data – Introduction

Published on January 31, 2011

For the first time in history, prices for the Indian microfinance market are now available.

MFTransparency’s work is founded on the principle that data must be accompanied by education and descriptive information. To maximize the value for users of the India pricing dataset, we have prepared an in-depth analytical report. We strongly recommend that you review this report as part of your overall experience with the data. To access the report, please click the image below.

Getting the most out of the dataset

The MFTransparency website includes several features that allow users to interact with the dataset. The following features are accessible through the Interactive Graph page:

  • Filterable graph: On the Interactive Graph page, the series of filters on the right allow you to determine exactly what type of data is displayed in the graph. You can filter by interest rate calculation method, currency, loan size, number of clients with the product, length of loan term, purpose, institution type, interest rate type (flat or declining) and interest rate range. If you do not select any filters, you will see the entire dataset.

  • Information by sample: Hover over any of the bubbles on the Interactive Graph and a box will appear listing the organization, product name and purpose, rural/urban focus, loan size and term, the number of borrowers with that product and the APR for that specific sample calculated using whichever method the filter is set to.

  • About the dataset: Above the interactive graph is a series of buttons with links to useful information about the India dataset. In addition to the interest rate formulas in the blue box, the button “Calculating Prices: Overview of Methodology” takes users to a page with information on the different types of interest rate calculations used to create the prices shown in the graph as well as the relevance of these formulas in light of the Malegam Committee report. The “About this data” button provides links to important contextual information about the Indian microfinance market.

  • Data in tabular form: In addition to the interactive graph, information for every sample in the dataset is available in a master table in the bottom half of the Interactive Graph page. Users can click on the institution name or product name to view separate pages with information on the institution/product level as well.

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