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MFTransparency presents at Micro Credit Summit, Colombia

Published on June 9, 2009

More than 850 delegates from 35 countries attended the Latin America/Caribbean Regional Microcredit Summit in Cartagena, Colombia in June 2009. The focus of the summit was “Breaking the Rules of Microfinance to Better End Poverty: Innovations from Around the World”

As one of these “innovations” MFTransparency presented twice, with both presentations branching into new topics related to pricing transparency.  The first presentation introduced the importance of maintaining a double bottom line and acting responsibility in finance.  The second presented a clear explanation of why there is a delivery cost curve in microfinance that results in the price curve that we see.  The second presentation is available in both English and Spanish.


Event Presentation – download in English

The Challenge of Maintaining a Double Bottom Line

Chuck Waterfield, 8 June 2009

Microcredit Summit, Cartagena, Colombia

Event Presentation – download in English, Spanish

Financial Systems for the Majority: Costs and Pricing of Loan Products

Sistemas Financieros para lo Demas: El costo y la Asignacion de Precios para los  Productos de Credito

Chuck Waterfield, 8 June 2009

Microcredit Summit, Cartagena, Colombia

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