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MFTransparency presents on “Growing Pains – Creating a Path for the Industry to Mature Responsibly”

Published on May 1, 2010

In May 2010, MFTransparency presented at a series of events in Berlin and Luxembourg organized by Planet Finance on the topic of “Growing Pains – Creating a Path for the Industry to Mature Responsibly”.

The presentations were aimed at broad audiences in Europe, outlining a path forwards to clean up some of the problems faced by the microfinance industry. In these presentations MFTransparency looks beyond transparent pricing and presents the agenda of responsible pricing. The presentations cover the importance of pricing transparency, and discuss the requirements for maintaining a healthy microfinance industry, including the need for:

  • Consumer protection through self-regulation, certification and a code of ethics.
  • Transparency of Financial information, including financial statements, ratings agencies and transparent pricing.
  • Dialogue with governments about appropriate regulation.


Event Presentation – download in English

Microfinance Growing Pains: Creating a path for the industry to mature responsibly

Microfinance Transparency, May 2010

Planet Finance, Berlin and Luxembourg

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