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Country Survey for Zambia

Published on April 4, 2012

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Languages available: English

The Country Survey for Zambia provides an overview of the microfinance industry in Zambia. Outlining the national socio-economic, political and historic factors impacting the microfinance market, the Country Survey forms a valuable backdrop against which to examine Zambia’s transparent pricing data.


The Microfinance sector in Zambia is unusually undeveloped, even by African standards. The sector is young, small in size, fragmented, and has a limited outreach. Financial inclusion is low, at just 37.3% of adults and the demand for microfinance in Zambia is high. Although well diversified, with a variety of different institution types, the sector has had limited support and will have to overcome many challenges in its development. The Country Survey provides context for this, looking at:

  • Political Overview
  • Macroeconomic Overview
  • Traditional Financial Sector
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Microfinance Institutions
  • Microfinance Regulation
  • The Cost of Borrowing
  • Consumer Protection
  • Challenges for the sector

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