Notice: MFTransparency is now a defunct organization. Click here for further information.

MFT Pricing Analysis Tool

Published on August 1, 2015

Available Downloads

Languages available: English

We invite you to continue calculating prices, using this free software.


An Excel Workbook, with Training Videos


MFTransparency used an Excel-based Data Collection Tool to collect all the pricing data of the past seven years.  MFT has now simplified this tool so that anyone can use it to enter pricing information about the products of an MFI and generate the full range of prices.  The software contains links to videos that you can watch to learn how the process works.


An Optional Feature to Evaluate Balanced Pricing


After you have calculated the product prices, this tool has an additional feature that allows you to evaluate the prices, using MFTransparency’s Balanced Pricing Methodology.  That approach is described in this paper.


Give us your feedback!


This is version 1.0 of the tool and we welcome your feedback and comments to make further improvements.  Email us at [email protected]


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