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After Transparency…how to define Responsible Pricing?

Published on September 8, 2014

After Transparency…how to define Responsible Pricing?

Five years ago, the microfinance industry knew little to nothing about the prices charged in microfinance. We now have more transparent prices, based on consistent definitions and formulas. And the results are surprising in many ways, showing an extremely wide range of prices charged. Why are prices so different between countries, and among the MFIs in the same country?  Why do some countries have large portions of the market paying true prices of 100% and more?


We are now ready to use transparent pricing data – arguably obligated to use that data – to dialogue on the important question of “How do we define responsible pricing?” Chuck Waterfield has presented the latest pricing analysis done by MFTransparency at the microfinance lunch break event in Brussels. He has summarized the questions and discussions currently taking place in the industry and tackled this next important question that has been ignored or  unanswered for the past 30 years.

Please watch the full presentation below:



About the Microfinance Lunch Breaks

Starting in 2006, ADA, a Luxemburg NGO specialised in microfinance, has been organising ‘les Midis de la microfinance’ in Luxemburg, focusing on a particular current topic for the microfinance sector.


This Microfinance Lunch Break is an action organised in partnership by ADA and BRS. In future, these Lunch Breaks will keep the financial sector both in Belgium and Luxembourg up to date with news from the world of microfinance.


For the organisation of the Microfinance Lunch Breaks in Belgium, BRS relies on the active cooperation with Cera, KBC, Assuralia and Febelfin.


For more information, check out their website –



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