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Pricing Certification: Grameen Bank

Published on May 23, 2012

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A commonly spoken value of the microfinance industry is that we are committed to respecting our clients by practicing responsible corporate behavior. Communicating transparent pricing is a central element of responsible behavior, and truth-in-lending has been widely embraced by the global microfinance community in  recent years.

To enable microfinance institutions to communicate their actual prices to their stakeholders, MicroFinance Transparency provides the service of pricing certification to individual MFIs. In January 2011 Grameen Bank  invited MicroFinance Transparency to certify their prices, and this report presents that information.

The sections in this document do the following:

  • Define transparent pricing
  • Describe the methodology we employ
  • Provide an overview of Grameen’s products and pricing procedures
  • Present a summary of the certified prices for Grameen’s products
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the pricing calculations for each product


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  1. Constanza says:

    Of course, and cdiret cards aren’t exactly bad, are they? The fact that the poor pay to get microloans strongly suggests that they are better off with access to those loans than without them. The more important question (this is what Holden is getting at) is whether financing microloans is the *best possible* use of those funds.