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New Website Features Revealed!

Published on November 28, 2014

MFTransparency is happy to announces the addition of new features on its website! These features includes – the Pricing Analysis Tool (PAT), the Cross Comparison Tool (CCT) and the Pricing Regulation Pages. The new website features are added to help our website visitors get as much synthesized information and data as possible, to learn, apply and further pricing transparency and responsible microfinance.

Pricing Analysis Tool

The Microfinance Price Analysis Tool enables you to interact with the pricing data collected by MFTransparency. The tool provides the option to

  • – Compare prices across products, institutions and countries,
  • – Correlate prices to variables such as loan term, loan size, transparency,
  • – Study the impact of attributes such as regulatory status, loan purpose and institution type,
  • – Filter for your preferred loan dimensions using the cap
  • – Zoom filters and determine the impact of multiple pricing components, such as fees, insurance, taxes and compulsory deposits.

Click here to access the tool!

Cross Comparison Tool

The Cross Comparison Tool enable you to interact with the pricing data collected by MFTransparency. The tool is a very versatile that allows you to compare, side-by-side different kinds of data stored in the Truth-in-Lending Tables. You can compare:

  • – Two institutions in the same country,
  • – Two institutions in two different countries,
  • – Two products of the same institution,
  • – Two products of different institutions,
  • – Older data and newer data of an institution (trend analysis)
  • – Older data and newer data of a particular product (trend analysis).

The CCT is available from all of the pricing web pages.  You can click the “Compare data with…” button on the Country page, the Institution page, or the Product page to start comparing information.


Click here to access the tool!

Pricing Regulation

The pricing regulation page is a platform where, MFTransparency, publish a range of resources related to truth in lending by country. The pricing regulation page branch out to country pages where you will find  summaries, a more detailed aspect of the truth in lending legislation, and relevant links to additional resources found elsewhere.


Click here to view the regulation page!

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