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  • Microfinance Leaders Strive to Walk the Walk

    Published on August 3, 2011

    Huffington Post: Chuck Waterfield is a gifted numbers geek whose work has helped hundreds of microfinance institutions (MFIs) better manage their financial information. In 2007, troubled by what he saw as excessive interest rates and profits at some MFIs, Chuck had the brilliant idea of collecting detailed pricing data from every MFI in a given country and publishing it in a comparable format.

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    Category: External Media
    Tags: Consumer Protection, Responsible Finance
  • More Transparent Microfinance Institutes Suggested – Bangladesh

    Published on July 27, 2011

    UNB Connect: Dhaka, July 26 (UNB) – Speakers at a dialogue on microfinance Tuesday suggested greater transparency in terms of charges, terms and conditions in Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) to help the benefits of credit penetrate target groups.

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    Countries: Bangladesh
    Category: External Media
    Tags: Regulation & Policy, Responsible Finance
  • 6 non-practitioner microfinance leaders who shaped the industry growth

    Published on July 27, 2011

    Microfinance Focus: Microfinance Focus team has reviewed the contribution of some of these leaders and has listed out six non-practitioners who shaped the industry’s growth. Chuck Waterfield founded MicroFinance Transparency in July 2008, to enable transparent communication between suppliers and consumers of microcredit products by presenting information on credit products and their prices in a clear and consistent fashion.

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    Category: External Media
    Tags: Responsible Finance
  • MFTransparency to host Uganda Data Launch Webinar

    Published on July 19, 2011

    Microfinance Focus: MFTransparency will be hosting a webinar to launch the transparent microloan pricing data collected in the Transparent Pricing Initiative in Uganda on July 27, 2011.

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    Countries: Uganda
    Category: External Media
    Tags: Data Collection, MFT Event, Pricing Initiative
  • National Bank of Rwanda (NBR) Incorporates Microfinance Programs as National Strategy

    Published on July 11, 2011

    MicroCapital: The National Bank of Rwanda plans to implement Umurenge SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative), financial literacy campaigns as well as “Access to Finance” forums as part of its strategy to support the country in increasing access to finance to 80 percent of the population with a target per capita income of at least USD 1,000 by 2017.

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    Countries: Rwanda
    Category: External Media
    Tags: Financial Inclusion, Responsible Finance
  • Microfinance Investment Transparency and Evaluation

    Published on July 6, 2011

    USAID: On July 20, the CEOs of MicroRate and MFTransparency will speak about transparent pricing for responsible investment, the role of investors, and the microfinance evaluation landscape, including the Smart Campaign and Social Performance Task Force.

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    Category: External Media
    Tags: Investments, Responsible Finance
  • HRH Princess Maxima present at the launch of Universal Standards for Social Performance

    Published on June 21, 2011

    Social Performance Task Force: Microfinance industry stakeholders from around the world have assembled at the annual meeting of the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF). Their aim is to advance the global social performance agenda to the benefit of the microfinance client.

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    Category: External Media
    Tags: Consumer Protection, Responsible Finance, Social Performance