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Global Launch of MFTransparency

Published on July 28, 2008

MicroFinance Transparency (MFTransparency) is a new independent NGO created to enable transparent communication between suppliers and consumers of microcredit products. MFTransparency also seeks to improve communication among other microfinance stakeholders by presenting information on credit products and their prices in a clear and consistent fashion.

MFTransparency was launched on July 28, 2008 at the Asia Pacific Microcredit Summit Council of Practitioners in Bali, Indonesia.

MFTransparency was introduced by Chuck Waterfield in his plenary remarks. “I’m pleased that so many industry practitioners are affirming their belief in pricing transparency today.” Waterfield is the Founder of MFTransparency. Microfinance leaders affirmed their support of interest rate transparency by endorsing the launch of MicroFinance Transparency.”


Event Presentation – download in English, Spanish

Why We Need Pricing In Microfinance

Chuck Waterfield, 28 July 2008

Asia / Pacific Regional Microcredit Summit

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