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Catalogue of MFTransparency’s Industry Presentations

Published on July 27, 2012
This list details the presentations given by MFTransparency at various industry events over the past four years. Please click the presentation code to learn more about the event and to download the presentation in PDF format.

Presentations from Events in 2013

PRES-612-EN 2nd ARE Forum, Session 4, Client Communications
PRES-611-EN 2nd ARE Forum, Session 3, Price Cap Approaches
PRES-610-EN 2nd ARE Forum, Session 2,Understanding Pricing
PRES-609-EN 2nd ARE Forum, Session 1, What Prices do We See
PRES-608-EN Utrecht, NPM, Pricing and Profits, Part 3
PRES-607-EN Utrecht, NPM, Pricing and Profits, Part 2
PRES-606-EN Utrecht, NPM, Pricing and Profits, Part 1
PRES-605-FR Transparent Pricing Initiative in Morocco Launch Event Session 3
PRES-604-FR Transparent Pricing Initiative in Morocco Launch Event Session 2
PRES-603-FR Transparent Pricing Initiative in Morocco Launch Event Session 1
PRES-602-EN SPTF Essential Skills, Now to Understand the Prices we Charge
PRES-601-EN UNCITRAL Colloquium, Pricing Transparency and the Microloan Pricing Curve

Presentations from Events in 2012

PRES-506-EN New York, Balancing Impact with Profits through Responsible Pricing
PRES-507-EN UPenn, The Need for Policies to Motivate Responsible Practice
PRES-508-EN Columbia Univ – Pricing, Profits, Financing, & Responsible Practice
PRES-509-EN San Diego, Transparent Pricing Essential for Responsible Practice
PRES-510-EN SPTF, Now to Understand the Prices we Charge
PRES-511-EN Jordan – Growth, Profitability, & Compensation – How Much is Too Much
PRES-512-EN Frankfurt, Transparency in Microfinance – The Client Perspective
PRES-513-EN Paris, Overview of Interest Rate & Pricing Methods
PRES-514-EN Paris, The Price & Cost Curves
PRES-515-EN Webinar, Understanding the Price Curve in Microfinance
PRES-516-EN PIIF Webinar on the Basics of Pricing

Presentations from Events in 2011

PRES-401-EN Den Haag, Transparent Pricing for Responsible Pricing
PRES-402-EN Ghana Project Launch
PRES-404-EN Mumbai, Pricing in the India Market – Explaining the Data
PRES-405-EN Mumbai, The Future of Microfinance Pricing
PRES-406-EN RBI, Interpreting India Data in the Context of the Global Market
PRES-407-EN RBI, Approaches to Transparent Pricing
PRES-408-EN RBI, Global Experience in Pricing Regulation in Microfinance
PRES-409-EN RBI, Challenges & Benefits of Transparent Pricing
PRES-410-EN Philippines, Global Experience of Pricing Transparency
PRES-411-EN Philippines, Overview of MFTransparency & the Initiative
PRES-412-FR Dakar, MFTransparency et l’Initiative sur la Tarification Transparente
PRES-413-FR Dakar, Vue d’ensemble de MFTransparency et de l’Initiative
PRES-414-FR Dakar, La Transparence dans la Tarification en Microfinance
PRES-415-ES Colombia, La Curva de Costos – Que Impulsa los Precios
PRES-417-EN WWB Conference, Pricing Transparency & Over-Indebtedness
PRES-418-EN Paris, Strengthening Pricing Regulation in Microfinance
PRES-419-EN Amman, APR Training at Sanabel Conference
PRES-420-EN Netherlands, SPTF, Definining Responsible Practice is Not Easy
PRES-421-EN Netherlands, SNS, Finding Our Way Through the Confusion of Pricing
PRES-422-EN Tanzania Project Launch
PRES-423-EN Zambia Project Launch
PRES-424-EN Dubai Microfinance Club, Transparent Pricing in Microfinance
PRES-425-EN Manila, APR Training for MCPI
PRES-426-EN Manila, MCPI State of Pricing in Philippines
PRES-427-EN Manila, Transparent Pricing Overview for Asia Network
PRES-428-EN Washington, USAID After-Hours, Pricing Transparency for Investors
PRES-430-PO Mozambique, A experiência Global da Transparência dos Preços
PRES-431-PO Mozambique, Panorama da MFTransparency e sua Iniciativa
PRES-432-EN Zambia, Bank of Zambia Training
PRES-433-EN Grameen Foundation Bankers without Borders webinar, Session 1
PRES-434-EN Grameen Foundation Bankers without Borders webinar, Session 2
PRES-435-EN Grameen Foundation Bankers without Borders webinar, Session 3
PRES-436-EN Dar es Salaam, Transparent Pricing Training for Tanzania MFIs
PRES-437-EN Addis Ababa, AEMFI Conference Plenary Presentation
PRES-438-EN Addis Ababa, AEMFI Social Performance Workshop Presentation
PRES-439-EN Addis Ababa, African Regional Network Summit Presentation
PRES-442-EN Nairobi, Africa Regulator, Standards for Responsible Finance
PRES-443-EN Nairobi, Africa Regulator, How Microfinance Differs from Traditional Finance
PRES-444-EN Nairobi, Africa Regulator, Overview of Basic Interest Rate & Pricing Methods
PRES-445-EN Nairobi, Africa Regulator, Calculating Prices – Variety in Official Country Rates
PRES-446-EN Nairobi, Africa Regulator, Price Disclosure & Truth-in-Lending Policy
PRES-447-EN New York, Transparency Initiatives Within Microfinance
PRES-448-EN Spain, MCSummit, After Transparency, How to Define Fair & Ethical Pricing
PRES-449-EN Spain, MCSummit, IPOs Endanger the Values of Microfinance

Presentations from Events in 2010

PRES-301-EN Kenya Project Launch, Sessions 1 & 2
PRES-302-EN Singapore, Conference presentation on Industry Risk
PRES-303-EN Delhi, Sa-Dhan, Implementing Transparent Pricing in India
PRES-304-EN Delhi, Sa-Dhan, Responsible Microfinance – The Need for Self-Regulation
PRES-305-EN Delhi, India Project Launch, Session 1
PRES-306-EN Delhi, India Project Launch, Session 2
PRES-307-EN Nairobi, Transparent Pricing & Other Client Protection Initiatives
PRES-308-ES Ecuador, Lanzamiento del Proyecto, Sesion 1
PRES-309-ES Ecuador, Lanzamiento del Proyecto, Sesion 2
PRES-310-EN Paris & Berlin, Growing Pains – Creating a Path for a Responsibly Industry
PRES-313-FR Senegal, Mise en oeuvre de la Transparence en Afrique de L’Ouest
PRES-314-EN Malawi, Implementing Transparency in the Malawian Microfinance Industry
PRES-315-EN Malawi, Financial Literacy & Consumer Protection
PRES-316-ES Montevideo, Foromic, Proteccion al Consumidor y Transparencia
PRES-317-EN AFMIN, Transparent & Responsible Pricing
PRES-318-ES Argentina, La Importancia del Trato Justo a los Clientes
PRES-319-ES Argentina, La Importancia de la Transparencia de Precios
PRES-320-EN Luxembourg, Transparent Pricing for Responsible Pricing
PRES-321-EN Washington, SEEP Presentation on Headline Risk
PRES-322-EN Uganda, Project Launch, Session 1
PRES-323-EN Uganda, Project Launch, Session 2
PRES-324-ES Bolivia, La Curva de Costos – Que Impulsa los Precios
PRES-325-ES Bolivia, Presentacion de Resultados
PRES-326-ES Ecuador, La Curva de Costos – Que Impulsa los Precios
PRES-327-ES Ecuador, Presentacion de Resultados

Presentations from Events in 2009

PRES-201-ES Por Que Necesitamos Transparencia de Precios, Peru
PRES-202-EN Need for Transparent Pricing, Sanabel, Beirut
PRES-203-EN The Challenge of Maintaining a Double-Bottom Line, Cartagena
PRES-204-EN Financial Systems for the Majority, Cartagena, MicroCredit Summit
PRES-204-ES Sistemas Financieros para lo Demás, Cartagena, MCSummit Plenary
PRES-205-EN Cambodia Data Launch Conference, Session 1
PRES-206-EN Cambodia Data Launch Conference, Session 2
PRES-207-EN Implications of non-transparent pricing, London, Hanson-Wade
PRES-208-FR Le Besoin de la Transparence, Burkina, Africa Microfinance
PRES-209-EN Bangladesh Transparency Training, Session 1
PRES-210-EN Bangladesh Transparency Training, Session 3
PRES-211-EN Azerbaijan Data Launch, Session 1
PRES-212-EN Consumer Protection as an Afterthought, Rome, IDLO Conference
PRES-213-EN First Data Launch Ever, Webinar

Presentations from Events in 2008

PRES-101-EN The Global Launch of MFTransparency
PRES-101-ES La Iniciativa Global de Transparencia de Precios
PRES-102-EN Why We Need Transparent Pricing in Microfinance, ACCESS, Delhi

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